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Water from Air

These atmospheric water generators use revolutionary and innovative 'new' technology to turn air to water; pure, clean and healthy drinking water. more ...

Mains connected filtered water coolers

Your Konia Mains-connected water dispensers are design-engineered and styled for today's modern office and home environments. more ...

Pi mineral water filters

Konia's Pi Water Filter activates purified water turning it into 'living water' by adding calcium, regulating natural minerals and stabilising the pH levels. more ...



Welcome to Konia Water

As a world leader in pure water technology you¡¯ll find Konia products are designed and manufactured to keep you, your family and your business healthy, happy and safe.

If you are looking for new and innovative products that produce high quality and pure drinking water for your home or office; or a business opportunity as a distributor, we can help.

Konia has been manufacturing "WATER from AIR" (atmospheric water generators), filtered water coolers, water dispensers and Pi Mineral Water filters for the past 15 years. Every Konia product is carefully engineered and styled to provide pristine, pure drinking water. All units are manufactured to the highest standards and only released to the market after extensive testing and certification.

Having your own Konia home or office water cooler is extremely convenient and they¡¯re virtually maintenance free. There are no bulk water bottles to store or replace. Water is filtered and available hot or chilled where and when you want it. What's more, it¡¯s environmentally friendly.

All systems offer you up to five stages of water filtration to ensure a constant supply of the highest quality drinking water. Konia water dispensers come standard with a sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, ultra membrane filter and post carbon filter (UV filter included). The result is filtered water free from sediment, chlorine, metallic particles, and bacterium to improve the taste and quality of water.

Save Now on selected Konia Products
Water from air
You can enjoy water from air as little as 5c per liter


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