About Konia Water

Konia Water Products Pty Ltd trading as Konia Water develops, manufactures and markets world-wide, new and innovative water filtration products to provide pure drinking water.

Konia has been manufacturing quality water filtration products including “WATER from AIR” or atmospheric water generators (AWG) for the past 12 years and continues to be a global leader in the development of this technology. We are actively seeking Australian distributors and International distributors for our pure drinking water products. Contact Us now if you are interested in this unique business opportunity.

Konia Water secured the exclusive world-wide distribution rights in 2008 for all Konia’s quality water filtration and air to water products. Since then, Konia has signed international distributor agreements in Cyprus, USA, UAE, Hong Kong, Germany and Malaysia and we are currently in advanced discussions with a number of other countries including Greece, Mexico (inc. Panama, Costa Rica), Singapore and the UAE to mention a few. International evaluation units have been sent to over 20 countries with positive results and feedback.

Konia Water recognises the importance of having partners in the water industry, which is why we want you to work with us, to be part of our team. Konia offers a unique business opportunity. Now is your chance to work with Konia as we revolutionise the way we generate and filter water to provide pure water for both drinking and industrial applications. Contact Us now to enquire about this unique business opportunity to become a Konia Water Distributor in your region.

Our quality drinking water products include:

WATER from AIR generator and water purification technology sets new standards for the production of pure drinking water directly from the air. The atmospheric water generator converts moisture (humidity) in the air to water. This water is then passed through the drinking water filtration system to provide pure, fresh water direct from your own home or office water cooler.

Mains Connected filtered water coolers or filtered water dispensers provide clean filtered drinking water (hot or chilled). The systems provide a complete eco-friendly replacement for bottled water dispensers, eliminating bulky deliveries and the need to store and dispose of water containers.

Pi Mineral water filters can be added to the filtration process to activate purified water turning it into ‘living water’ (pi water) by adding calcium, regulating natural minerals, abundant dissolved oxygen, anti-oxidant alkaline water and stabilising the pH levels.

Each Konia product is carefully engineered and styled to provide pure filtered drinking water. Products are only released to market after extensive testing and product certification to relevant standards. These include the essential health and safety requirements in the European Economic Area (EEA) — CE Mark Certification. Konia is involved in all stages of product development and manufacture and provides full product support at every step from the factory to you.

Our “WATER from AIR”, Mains Connected water coolers and Pi mineral water filters are manufactured at Konia supervised facilities in the Republic of (South) Korea. The manufacturing facilities are quality assurance (QA) certified to International Standards (ISO 9001:2000 & KS A9001:2001).

Konia is dedicated to pure water innovations and owns patents for its air to water dispenser units.

Konia Water Products was awarded an ISUS grant in 2006 from the Queensland State Government for the continued development of air to water technology, a partnership that continues to produce strong results with two new “WATER from AIR” models released to the market in 2008.

Konia Water Products uses NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) Accredited Laboratories for all of our on-going chemical, electrical, and biological testing programs to fully support and validate our products.

The following organisations have assisted Konia Water Products with various prototype and product testing programs:

  • JL Labs, Food Testing & Microbiology Services
  • Biotech Laboratories
  • Energex Electrical Testing Laboratories
  • Queensland Mines and Energy
  • Queensland Environmental Protection Agency
  • Food & Agriculture Laboratories of Australia
  • Brisbane Water Testing Laboratories