Mains Connected

Konia Mains Connected series of water filtration systems provide a cost effective & environmentally friendly replacement for bottle water coolers – featuring sleek modern designs & advanced water filtration technology.

You can choose from three convenient mains connected water products to best suit your personal home and office drinking water needs.

Water Cooler Dispensers

Konia’s three floor standing point of use water cooler dispenses are designed, styled and engineered for today’s modern environments – KR600, KR800 and KR1000.  These filtered water dispensers offer a complete replacement for all bottle water dispensers, bottled water purchases and delivery and storage of bottled water. The sleek designs of these coolers are perfect for the officer water cooler or home water dispenser. A complete solution for your home and office drinking water needs. Read more »

Undersink Water Filter

Filtered water from the under sink filters is a great option if you like a clutter-free kitchen. There’s no filter, valves, or tubing on your counter, just a special faucet near the kitchen sink that provides your filtered drinking water. The KR104 undersink water filter unit has a compact design which is perfect for the home or office filtered needs where the water cooler dispenser isn’t practical. Read more »

On Tap Water Filter

The K200 On Tap filter (or water filter faucet) ensures your drinking water has never tasted better! You will notice the immediate improvement in the taste of your drinking water without that chlorine and metallic taste often found in treated tap water. This is a cost efficient solution to provide pure filtered drinking water in any situation. Read more »


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