Pi Water

Japan’s original Pi Mineral Water is highly regarded by health industries around the world.  Pi water, or “living water”, is healthy water that helps to restore energy and increase immunity.

Konia provides you the option to add a Pi mineral Water Filter to any of our filtered water products (with the exception of the K200 On Tap filter), to enhance the health benefits of your drinking water. Konia’s KA-101 Pi mineral water filter activates purified water into healthy water by adding calcium, regulating natural minerals and stabilizing the pH levels to produce mildly alkaline water.
You can start to enjoy drinking healthy water today buy fitting a Pi mineral water filter to your Konia system now. Contact us for more details.


Pi Water was introduced by Dr. Akihiro Yamashita (a Professor at the Agricultural Department, Nagoya University) in 1964. Since then, many studies have been done on Pi water in various fields, and today its’ usage is widely spread.

What is Pi water?

Pi water is very similar to the body’s water, characteristic wise, and is created by adding Ferric Ferrous Salt (Fe2Fe3) to water through ceramics. When Fe2Fe3 is added to ordinary tap water, it quickly breaks down the chlorine and suppresses the increase of excessive free radicals, and also breaks down the water cluster to a much smaller size.

Pi Water is said to be “living body water”. It is the water that is very similar to bodily liquid which is 2/3 of the human body’s volume. This water is found inside all living bodies including humans, animals and plants. Any water taken into a living body must be converted into this “living body water”. When we drink ordinary water, a great deal of energy is consumed to convert it into this living body water. Pi water, however, since it is very close to this body water itself, requires much less energy for the conversion and is easily absorbed into our body. Pi water possesses such properties that restore our inherent normal body functions.

What does it do?

  1. Activates purified water into healthy water
  2. Makes the water cluster smaller and gives energy to water.
  3. Stabilizes the pH to make alkaline water.
  4. Regulates natural minerals to produce the water that is kind to the body fluid.
  5. Adds calcium ions to the water.
  6. Treats with a strong magnetic field to energize the water.
  7. Removes harmful ions and energizes the water.
  8. Improves body functions such as movement, digestion and absorption.

Konia’s Healthy Living Guide

“How can you prove that Pi water is acting as an antioxidant?”

“How can you prove that the molecular structure of the purified water is reducced?”

“How can you prove that Pi water helps to control ionisation?”


…See for yourself by carrying out some of the experiments described in Konia’s Healthy Living Guide – you will be amazed at the health qualities of Pi water.


Download the Konia Healthy Living guide.


What are the 7 stages of the Pi water system?

Konia’s KA-101 Pi filter includes 7 stages of filtration where water is passed through a number of sediment and ceramic filters to produce healthy Pi drinking water.


  1. Sediment filter – filters out sediments and larger particles
  2. Ceramics 8 – an active filter material for healthy water
  3. Pink Natural Ceramic 2 – regulates the amounts of natural minerals, to produce water that is kind to your body
  4. White Ceramic 5 – maintains the stability of Pi water
  5. Calcium Ceramic 5 – adds minerals (calcium) to produce mildly alkaline water
  6. pH Adjusting Ceramic (Burned Coral) – maintains a low level of alkalinity
  7. Sediment Hard Filter (Resin)

Pi Water Filter

Lowest Water Cluster

Cluster ComparisonThe smaller the molecular cluster, the better the water. The cluster in ordinary water is very high but Pi mineral Water has the lowest molecule structure of any water on earth. The lower the cluster (of water molecule), the easier the water can be absorbed into the body more easily without loss of energy. This allows you to rehydrate twice as fast, it is more permeable which allows it to be absorbed thoroughly into the body and stimulate the immune system.

Abundant Dissolved Oxygen

Studies show that the quality of dissolved oxygen in the Pi Water is 1.5 —2 times bigger than that in tap water. Aerobic microbes can be active in Pi water, which makes severe circumstances in which cancers cannot survive.


Preserve Vitamins C, E & Amino Acids

vitamins and amino acidsAfter adding 2 mg of vitamin C in 100ml of tap water and Pi Water, the result showed 0 milligrams of vitamin C in the tap water but .55 milligrams still remained in the Pi mineral water. This means vitamin C in the Pi Water is minimally destroyed even after boiling. The results were similar for vitamin E and Amino Acid.


Anti Oxidation

anti oxidationAnti Oxidation is one of the unique functions of the Pi mineral Water. If living things contain many anti-oxidants, they can maintain very high levels of health. It heightens our body’s immune system and helps suppress free radicals from attacking your cell structure. Free radicals are molecules that can damage and destroy cells throughout your body causing effects like premature ageing. Pi water even prevents iron from rusting.


Anti Virus and Anti Bacteria

Pi water is very similar to bodily liquid (characteristic wise) and is created by adding ferric ferrous salts (Fe2Fe3) to water. This quickly breaks down the chlorine and suppresses the increase of excessive free radicals. Pi water suppresses the propagation of pathogenic bacteria and the proliferation of viruses and bacteria (inhibiting things to rot quickly).