KR600, KR800, KR1000: Water Purifier Dispensers

Konia Mains Connected series of filtered water cooler dispensers provide a cost effective & environmentally friendly replacement for bottle water coolers – featuring sleek modern designs & advanced water filtration technology.

Water Cooler Dispensers

Konia mains connected water purifier units provide your home or office with perfect, chemical free and contaminant free water filtered to 0.01 microns.  That’s around 50 times smaller than conventional domestic filters.

You can choose from three convenient mains connected water purifier models to best suit your personal home and office drinking water needs.  Konia’s three floor standing point of use water cooler dispenses are designed, styled and engineered for today’s modern environments – KR600, KR800 and KR1000.  The units vary in size from the smaller bench-top water dispensers to the larger floor-standing water dispensers.  The KR1000 is ideally suited as a home water dispenser.  While the KR600 and KR800 are more suited as office water coolers.

  • Home or office drinking water solution - A complete solution for your home and office drinking water needs. Installing a Konia drinking water filter in your home or office allows you to enjoy an unlimited supply pure drinking water, free from contaminants and revitalised by the Pi mineral water filter.
  • Cost savings – These filtered water dispensers offer a complete replacement for all bottle water dispensers, bottled water purchases and delivery and storage of bottled water – saving you money.
  • Design - The sleek designs of these water purifier units are perfect for the officer water cooler or home water dispenser.
  • Hot and cold water on demand - These point of use purifiers serve the filtered water either hot or cold. If you prefer room temperature water, the units have a switch at the back to turn off the hot and cold water.
  • Advanced Water filtration technology - Konia’s water cooler dispensers have up to 7-Stages of integral water processing ensuring a constant supply of water to the highest quality without the inconvenience and unnecessary cost of bottle water dispensers.
  • Easy installation & service - They are easily installed, water efficient, don’t require drainage and are economical to operate.  Site servicing of all products is provided to ensure proper operation and optimum water quality output at all times.


  • Multi-stage water filtration system
  • Contemporary styling & easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe removable drip tray
  • Stainless steel food grade reservoirs providing superior chilling
  • Use environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • Hermetically sealed compressors
  • Child proof hot water outlet taps plus double protection isolation safety switch
  • Silent running

Mains Connected Water Cooler Dispensers

Konia KR1000 Konia KR800 Konia KR600

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