Water Filtration Process (7 Stages)

The Konia water filter system sets a benchmark in the production of healthy drinking water. Unique to Konia is a 7 stage water filtration system that filters down to one hundredth of one millionth of a meter (0.01µm), removing bacteria, cysts & chemicals that competitor’s filters cannot filter.

Flow Specification

Stage 1 –Air Filter

  1. This is the first filter air passes through before being condensed and converted to water.  The electrostatic activated carbon air filter effectively prevents micro particles and dust from entering the machine.


Stage 2 – Sediment Filter (Life: 3,000L c.6 – 12 months)

  1. Removes any remnants of foreign particles in the water including dust, dirt, soil particles and sand sediment


Stage 3 – Pre-Carbon Filter (Life: 3,000L c.6 – 12 months)

  1. Removes chlorine, bad taste, odor, sediment extant and Trihalomethanes (THM’s).
  2. Focuses on removing lead, copper, chloroform, chemical residuals, herbicides, pesticides and other volatile organic compounds.


Stage 4 – Ultra Filter (Life: 6,000L c.12 months)

  1. The Ultra filter cartridge operates in a similar manner to reverse osmosis.
  2. The filter consists of a special permanently hydrophilic capillary membrane filters. These filters have a highly porous, asymmetric structure. Water is forced through the ultra filter. Firstly, through large pores on the outside wall then through small pores on the inside wall.
  3. The Ultra filter’s low-pressure membrane technology is unique for its high flow rates with minimal pressure requirements and its very tight pore size control (0.01 micron). This results in unparalleled removal of organic contaminants, bacteria and cysts.
  4. The ultra filter is more effective in bacteria removal than many other filtration systems resulting in maximum removal of particles causing bad taste and odor and removal of organic contaminants. With the minimum removal of beneficial minerals.
  5. Zero waste of water as opposed to the Reverse Osmosis (R/O) system. The household reverse osmosis units recover only 5 to 15 percent of the water entering the system as a result of low back pressure. The remainder of the water is discharged as waste water.


Stage 5 – Post-Carbon Filter (Life: 3,000L c.6 – 12 months)

  1. Removes extant odor and improves taste


Optional – Pi Mineral Water Filter (Life: 6,000L c.24 – 36 months)

Japan’s original Pi Water filter.

  1. Pi Mineral Water is highly regarded by the health industries around the world.  Pi water, or “living water”, has healing powers that are proven to restore energy and increase immunity.
  2. All Konia units may be fitted with an additional Pi water filter which uses ceramic beads to re-mineralise the water and balance the Ph before storage and dispensing.


Stage 6 – Ultra Violet Filter (Life: 6,000L c.24 – 36 months)

  1. The water generated from the air passes through a germicidal ultra violet system.  Any harmful substances in the water are killed by treating the water as it passes through the ultra violet rays.
  2. The UV filter is fitted as standard to the WATER from AIR dispensers and is optional for the Mains Connected water purifiers.


Stage 7 – Konia Bio-Control™

  1. By this stage the water has been passed through the most intensive water processing system before it is stored in a food grade stainless steel refrigerated tank.  Bio-Control is a complete, chemical free, automatic disinfection system providing full system integrity.
  2. Konia Bio-Control keeps filtered water fresh by producing an air/ozone mixture which is bubbled into stored water automatically and on a regular basis. Ozone and oxygen are the best natural disinfectants known to man. Regular flushing of cold water storage tanks with oxygen helps to keep the water fresh and to help prevent the build-up of harmless but naturally occurring bio-films in storage tanks.
  3. Konia Bio-Control is an Australian invention developed by members of Konia Australia and is under patent protection.
  4. The Bio-Control system is fitted as standard to the WATER from AIR dispensers and is optional for the Mains Connected water purifiers