WATER from AIR Technology

Konia’s WATER technologies and the unique split unit system is the careful evolution of 12 years research and development in the water industry.

These atmospheric water generators (often abbreviated as AWG), are designed to extract water from humid ambient air. A compressor circulates refrigerant through a condenser coil which cools the air surrounding it, lowering the air’s dew point and causing water to condense. A controlled-speed fan pushes filtered air over the coil. The resulting water is then passed into a holding tank with purification and filtration system to keep the water pure.


The rate at which water can be produced depends on relative humidity and ambient air temperature and the size of the compressor. Atmospheric water generators become more effective as relative humidity and air temperature increase.


The unique split system technology provides unprecedented ability to connect an atmospheric water generator up to 100m horizontally (or 35m vertically) away from the point of use, water dispenser. One of the advantages of this advanced water generation system. There are also many industrial and other applications available by using this split system technology.  For instance multiple generators can be connected together in a bank of generators to produce larger amounts of water.  There is also the added benefit of having a built-in redundancy should one unit need to be taken off-line for servicing allowing the other units to continue to convert air to water.


Alternatively, the air water generators could be plumbed directly into a larger capacity water holding tank to be used on demand for agricultural and other industrial applications. Countless Konia clients have managed to get more use out of the Konia system than ever before. Some customers now use the generator to fill their water tanks outside the house.


Konia Water is one of the original pioneers of air to water technology. The original designed all-in-one system included the generator and water dispenser. Limitations of the all-in-one systems were identified over time. Significant investment in research and development during this time led to the newly designed, built and tested air to water technolgy. The new models now boast:

  • Greater water production rates. Air water generators can be ideally placed in an outside location allowing for maximum water production. Water production occurs where the generators don’t have to battle for temperature and humidity from an indoor environment or competing with air conditioning.
  • More flexibility in location. The water cooler/dispenser is free to be moved anywhere in the house with the generator located in a more suitable location outside.
  • Cleaner and more pure water is made when the generator sits outdoors. The fresh morning dew and clean morning air will give you the best water you have ever tasted.
  • All in one generators are forced to make water from stale air. Konia’s unique split system addresses this issue by allowing the generator to be located outdoors where there is natural airflow.
  • Noise reduction indoors as the water generator would be located outdoors on a roof-top, balcony, courtyard etc.