Water From Air

Imagine water technology that can generate water from the air we breathe and at a fraction of the cost of buying bottled water. Imagine a water cooler that filters this water to provide healthy and pure drinking water.

Konia’s WATER from AIR technology means you can have pure drinking water created, filtered and delivered on the spot in virtually most places in the world.  Konia’s water generator coupled with a water dispenser and filtration system, sets a benchmark in the production of healthy drinking water by copying natures own million year old filtration system – evaporation and condensation.

Unique to Konia is the split system technology. While most water from the air systems are all in one units, the Konia system is specifically designed to separate the atmospheric water generator from the purifier. This allows more flexibility for the generator to be located well away from the dispenser. More importantly, it allows for the generator to be strategically positioned for the best water generation results (ideally outside the house). It is important to remember that the cleaner the air, the cleaner and fresher the water generated.

There are two simple steps in deciding the best suited WATER from AIR system for your personal needs.


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WATER from AIR Generators

Konia manufactures three water generators (sometimes referred to as atmospheric water generator or AWG) – KA5000WG, KA8000WG and KA9000WG. Our water generators are designed to extract water from humid ambient air. A compressor circulates refrigerant through a condenser coil which cools the air surrounding it, lowering the air’s dew point and causing water to condense. A controlled-speed fan pushes filtered air over the coil. The resulting water is then passed into a holding tank with purification and filtration system to keep the water pure. 7 stage purification system.


Depending on the model, they can make between 20 – 100 litres of pure water a day (At 23°C and 60%RH).  The WATER from the AIR generators can produce ample water per day and we are confident our units compare favourably against other competing products in their category. Below are the production rates from air to water.


Combine multiple WATER from AIR generators together to create your own water farm. Multiple generators can chained together and connected to a single dispenser.


WATER from AIR Purifiers

Konia manufactures two water coolers (or water dispensers) where the water is purified – KA5000DT and KA5000SU. The KA5000DT is a desk-top water dispenser unit which is perfectly suited for individuals, small families or small office environments.  It can be located on any bench-top or table and holds 4.0L cold water and 1.3L hot water.  The KA5000SU is a larger stand-up water dispenser unit which holds 8.0L cold water, 4.0L hot water and an additional 15.0L in a reservoir tank.  The KA5000SU are ideally suited to larger families and small to medium office environments. Contact Konia today for your office water cooler solution.